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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us at

We are have a very strict product quality standard. All items are at least hypo-allergenic, made from stainless steel (never nickel, lead, or cheap metals). This means it is waterproof and sweatproof so it will not change colors, or turn your skin a different color. It will not rust or tarnish due to water, pools, soap, etc. unless specified in the product description. Most items are gold or silver plated as well, and some are .925 sterling silver. We hand select each item and test that it meets these quality standards before even offering the product for sale. 

The jewelry comes from designers and manufacturers all over the world! We have partnerships with producers from all over the US, EU (Italy, Spain, Slovenia, France, Estonia, etc.) UK, Turkey, China, Middle East, and more. We are always expanding our inventory and on the lookout for unique jewelry designers that meet our standards. The product description will always tell you which country it's from. If it doesn't specify, that means it's from the US - most likely California.

Shipping is always FREE within the USA. The shipping prices vary by product and destination for outside the USA. The best way to see the shipping cost for a specific item and destination, is to add the item to your cart and input your address.

Here is a reference guide to help you choose your preferred size.

size guide necklace

size guide - cm

Measure your ring finger around (the circumference) with either a tape measure, or a piece of paper and a ruler. The length, either in mm or inches, will correlate to the proper ring size. Use chart below to match the circumference of your finger to the correct size:

Because all of the products come from all over the world, it can create less streamlined shipping practices. We also have to adhere to the rules/regulations of the country in which the product is being shipped from. Since the majority of the products we offer are not mass produced, but rather uniquely hand crafted, we don't have huge warehouses with thousands of pieces sitting and waiting to be shipped. Most pieces are even made upon order; therefore, it takes a bit longer to get the product to you. However, we work with many shipping carriers to ensure the best/most efficient shipping times as possible. Once the item ships, you are automatically provided with a tracking number so you can keep an eye on your package! 

In this case, please reach out to us ASAP at so we can look into what happend and fix it.

We are a U.S. based company; however, we exist completely online and are accessible from all corners of the world!